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Help on Uploading Photos

Uploading Photos

MAProgress allows you to upload photos that display along along the path of your adventure/event

Each photo uploaded creates a location (similar to a tracking point) in MAProgress with the photo attached to it. For most photos the position on the map is calculated from the time the photo was taken and any tracking data around this time. If the camera has a GPS then the photo's position is taken from this latitude/longitude

You can upload as many photos as you want as long as there is sufficient information to allow us to plot it on the map

Be sure that the time zone is the same as what is in your camera, as the photo's time and/or position in MAProgress will be wrong when uploaded. You can change the default time zone by Editing Your Profile

Each photo has it's own properties, normally the time taken is one of these, but it can be missing if for example you use another program to reduce the photo's size. If the photo does not have the time taken property or there are no locations within 24 hours of this time we can't calculate where the photo was taken


If there is insufficient or incorrect information about the photo for us to process it, you must do the following: